Reduce and reuse

Reduce and reuse

Plastic was once hailed as the miracle material. The single use plastics can protect food and clothes, makes items last longer and is even used to line our bins. But it also takes between 500 and 1000 years for plastic to breakdown because no natural bacteria can do so

The stuff is everywhere, but where we can, we use Kite packaging. Their plastic bags are made from 30% recycled plastic; these are the bags that your clothes are kept safe in.

From the second the bags are used, the bag and the item are not separated or thrown away. Even the coat hangers get reused again and again.

During the final process, the clothes you have ordered make it to the dispatch department. This is where we send the hangers back to the rails ready to be used again, and we fold up the clothes back into each original bag for safe transit.



Since 2019, Preworn have reduced their paper usage and the only paper that is used in the entire process are the shipping labels. Everything else is digital.


When your clothes arrive and you empty the bags, instead of throwing them out, we would love for you to reuse and repurpose them. Here are a few things the bags can be used for:

Lining a bin
Laundry bag for camping trips
Emergency bags for the car
Keeping a wet umbrella dry
Protecting muddy/sandy shoes
Keep plants warm during the chilly months


Where possible, we reuse the bags as much as we can. Nothing is thrown away or wasted and we're always trying to improve our system and be as eco-friendly as we can. There are always improvements to be made of course, and we are constantly listening to your feedback. You are helping us to support sustainability and it's only fair your voice is heard too.

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