Preworn Affiliate Programme

The largest second-hand clothing seller in the UK!

The company started trading online in used suit jackets, trading via the name of suit essential. The company soon started to diversify into a much broader range of used clothing as it expanded its supplier base.

The company started listing used suits jacket in 2019 which it purchased from a local charity shop in Wrexham.

The company then expanded to 5,000 SQFT on Wrexham industrial Estate listing over 200 used clothing items every day.

The company then relocated to larger premises of 35,000 SQFT just outside of Wrexham in 2020 and in June 2021 took on another warehouse of 45,000 SQFT in Llangollen.

The company now has a footprint of over 80,000 SQFT employing 70 people and lists over 5,000 clothing items every day on its web site.

The company has had some challenges along the way and expects many more, but we hope there are exciting times ahead.

As of 2022 nearly 500,000 consumers have purchased from our web site and moving forward, we hope to be at the forefront of the used clothing revolution, our thinking is that used clothing should be available and affordable to everyone. Therefore we keep our prices so low.

Check out our trust pilot rating and check out our store, we have nearly one million items to choose from. 

The Benefits of Partnering with Preworn:


  • We are the largest second-hand clothing seller in the United Kingdom and one of the largest globally.
  • An enormous inventory of over 900,000 unique items in stock providing thousands of items of interest for individual consumers.
  • Continuous growth of this stock, projected to reach 2.5 million items by the end of 2023.
  • Daily replenishment of stock as we list 6,000 additional items to our website every day.
  • 30,000+ orders per month


  • Unbeatable prices – the lowest prices found anywhere online.
  • Non-considered purchases for our customers due to our low pricing.
  • The ability to advertise to resellers of second-hand clothing who will have profitable markups on our clothing due to our pricing structure.

Customer Experience:

  • An outstanding returning customer rate of 35%.
  • The best-rated second-hand clothing seller in the world on eBay (Currently at 100% positive feedback).
  • Rated Excellent (4.7 out of 5) on Trustpilot from 3000+ reviews.
  • Industry-leading return rates of less than 5% - In comparison, other major suppliers of second-hand clothing have return rates of 30%/40%.
  • Two quality inspections of every item of clothing we sell to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • An excellent customer service team 


  • Getting in early with an emerging market that is projected to grow at a rate eleven times faster than traditional retail.
  • The largest commission rate of any fashion retailer on AWIN.
  • The niche of supplying clothing to stores that don’t have an online store (e.g. Primark) or no longer operate (e.g. Topshop).
  • Supporting circular fashion and helping to make a monumental impact on fast fashion, the second largest polluter of co2 in the world.
  • Raising money for your favourite charities through our partnerships for sourcing quality clothing.
  • Regular communication with your Preworn account manager.
  • Access to a team of dedicated creatives.
  • Exclusive affiliate offers and promotions

Commission Rates:

Commission is rewarded on all product categories on the website

PPC Policy:- PPC activity is accepted on a case-by-case basis. Where an affiliate is found bidding on PPC without prior email confirmation, we reserve the right to decline commissions made during this time. 
Continued use of unauthorised PPC will result in programme suspension.​

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the Preworn affiliate program.