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We are the largest second-hand clothing store in the UK!

Buy second-hand clothing with confidence. We are leading the circular-fashion revolution by making sustainable fashion affordable and accessible to everyone!

You're unique! Your clothing should be too! We have over 400,000 unique items for sale and we list 4,000 additional items every day! We put proof to the fact that it doesn't have to be new to be amazing. All of our clothing goes through two quality inspections to make sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. Each garment that our happy customers purchase immediately reduces their carbon footprint. Shopping with Preworn is kind to both your wallet and the planet!

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Whatever your style is, we have so much to choose from!

We Care About You & The Environment

Through buying second-hand clothing you immediately reduce your carbon footprint and help in the fight against climate change!

The fashion industry is the second largest CO2 polluter in the whole world, responsible for over 10% of the world's entire carbon footprint. Unless thing change, this is due to exceed to 25% in less than 40 years. Approximately 12 million tonnes of clothing will end up in landfill each year. 85% of this is in perfect condition and could be re-worn and re-loved.

That's where we come in! Our mission is to clean up the fashion industry. Through shopping with Preworn we can reduce the environmental impact of each garment by giving it a new home and a fresh future. Our model benefits charities, the environment and thousands of people just like you. Join us in making a difference.

Read more about our mission and why you should make second-hand your first choice:

Our Mission

Over 4,000 Items Listed Daily!

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