What is circular fashion?

What is circular fashion?

Recently, we sent out a questionnaire asking you about sustainable fashion, thank you so much for letting us know what you think.

Most of you are fully aware of what circular fashion is but some of you would like to know more about it. We'd like to tell you what it is and how you can help keep clothes in the loop and out of landfills.

To the vast majority of you that only shop second-hand clothes, this is incredible. This is circular fashion; Clothes that are kept in use. It is a system that regenerates clothes by either repairing garments, swapping items, upcycling or taking part inn take back schemes - which Preworn.ltd actually does! It's called Cash in Clothes and we offer gift cards or money for every 10kg of clothes you don't wear any more.

The core value of circular economy is to reuse, reduce and recycle. Upcycling is a little different to reusing, but it can still fall under the same umbrella when it comes to circular fashion. Did you know it takes 20,000 litres of fresh water to make a cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The production process for denim is the most unsustainable and environmentally damaging operations out there.

The toxic dye and other chemicals (including cyanide) used in jeans wash out into fresh water supplies affecting the environment, animals and eventually us. It's actually happening right now, causing some countries to experience water stress. Try not to throw out those old pairs of jeans just yet.


When you upcycle a pair of jeans, you're adjusting and reinventing them to create a brand new look. It's not just clothes that get upcycled either; people get creative with old suitcases, garden items and even wardrobes, have you ever had a go at upcycling? Essentially upcycling gives things a second life and a new purpose, and it's entirely possible with used clothes too. We've seen many Preworn jackets get a nifty upgrade with stitch patches, white tops used for tie-dye experiments and even oversized t-shirts made into shopping bags. We're not short of viable materials here.

If you're solely after clothes and not just a crafty upcycling project, Preworn has you covered. Where else can you shop for a Next pea coat, Karen Millen jeans and a Primark top all in one place? Preworn.ltd has over 800,000 items that have been saved from being incinerated or sent to landfills.

The circular fashion economy completely cuts out the need to extract raw materials and does not put a strain on our natural resources. As a direct consequence of this, costs are dramatically reduced, helping you save money and be kinder to the environment. We want you to have a guilt-free shopping experience with us and help keep clothes circular.


Keep it clean to keep it green.

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