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Thank you for supporting sustainable fashion

Hello everyone,

We'd like to say a huge thank you. Thank you for being involved in sustainable fashion. By purchasing from Preworn, you have helped saved thousands of clothes from landfills and we could not have done this without you.




We believe in sustainability and for 3 years we have worked hard on creating a mutual relationship that is good for the planet and good for your wallet. The work we do is incredibly meaningful and we fully understand this is where the future of eco-fashion needs to be.


We started off with a simple idea to sell second-hand suits. The idea began to grow and more and more items were being saved and re-used. Preworn is now nestled in the beautiful town of Llangollen, North Wales.




Second hand clothes are gaining incredible support and we're proud to show you the extensively vibrant collection of outfits we have for you. Most items are one of a kind, easy to find and categorised on They can range from just like new with tags to light bobbling but still looks nice and fresh.

Our warehouse is full of quality brands such as Zara, Next, Fat Face and Ralph Lauren. We have so much variety for you, even if you're partial to Primark and George, we have those too.


5,000 items are listed online daily, and with the diverse range of clothing brands all in one place; this is what makes us the UK’s largest seller of quality second-hand clothes. Preworn has contributed over £1,000,000 to charity through sales all thanks to you and your fantastic attitude towards circular fashion.


We handle everything from containers to sorting to delivering items to your home. We may be based in Llangollen, but we deliver nationally and we appreciate your amazing support to our flourishing independent business.


Many things have been happening behind the scenes and we’re excited to include you in this. We have big plans for getting more involved in Llangollen’s community, we are looking into creating more eco-friendly packaging and we are working on creating videos, photographs and content.

Most importantly, we are keeping you updated on all things Preworn.



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